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From Lili’s Humans:

It is with a heavy heart that we report that Lili is no longer with us. She suffered from cancer and on November 13, 2017 we let her go. We thank you all for the attention and affection you have shown our sweet girl over the 10 ½ years she ran Brooks Hill Winery.  Lili was such a part of …the little winery up the hill as has been evident in her musings on this page over the years.

 Since 2008 Lili’s webpage entries have all started with the following two paragraphs:

          “Hello, welcome to my webpage.  When I was born in January 2007, I didn’t know that I would grow up to have so many responsibilities.  Oh, I’m sorry let me introduce myself – I am Lili (pronounced Lil – ee).  I am a Labradoodle (Lab/Standard Poodle mix) and I pretty much oversee everything that goes on at Brooks Hill Winery, the little winery up the hill.  Everything except the winemaking, I leave that to our winemaker.

                My humans, Mike and Karen bought me in March 2007, I was 8 weeks old.  It took me a couple of days to adjust to my new home in Louisville.  I don’t remember the first day I came to the winery but, I do remember it didn’t look like a very nice place to me.  I tried to ignore how it looked and just run and romp and play.  However, it soon became apparent to me that if we were ever going to get this dream of Mike’s off the ground I was definitely going to have to start taking charge of the place.  Anyway, that is when I started supervising clean-up and construction and before you knew it we were opening our doors in September 2007.”

For those of you who were not fortunate enough to meet our girl, we have posted below links to her former pages.  We hope you will take the time to read her entries and get to know her in a small way.  And as Lili always said:

“I (we) hope that you will be coming to Brooks Hill Winery real soon!  I (we) love meeting new humans and seeing familiar ones as well…. you will be glad you came and so will I (we)!!”


Lili’s Humans – Mike & Karen

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...the little winery up the hill

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