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...the little winery up the hill

2746 Brooks Hill Road

Brooks, Kentucky 40109


Lili's Page

July 2016

Hello, welcome to my webpage.  When I was born in January 2007, I didn’t know that I would grow up to have so many responsibilities.  Oh, I’m sorry, let me introduce myself – I am Lili (pronounced Lil – ee).  I am a Labradoodle (Lab/Standard Poodle mix) and I pretty much oversee everything that goes on at Brooks Hill Winery, the little winery up the hill.  Everything except the winemaking, I leave that to Mike Miller and my favorite human Mike.

       My humans, Mike and Karen brought me to Louisville in March 2007; I was 8 weeks old.  It took me a couple of days to adjust to my new home in Louisville.  I don’t remember the first day I came to the winery but, I do remember it didn’t look like a very nice place to me.  I tried to ignore how it looked and just run and romp and play.  However, it soon became apparent to me that if we were ever going to get this dream of Mike’s off the ground, I was definitely going to have to start taking charge of the place.  Anyway, that is when I started supervising clean-up and construction and before you knew it we were opening our doors in September 2007. 

          I turned 9 years old in January 2016 and as usual my other human, Karen threw a big bash at the winery!  It was great!  Many of my friends came to the party and brought me presents and there was plenty of food and wine for everyone to enjoy!  I pretend not to like my party each year but down deep I am always very happy to get to see my many friends.

          In March 2016 I had to have some surgery to remove a few cysts - thankfully, they were all benign.  However the recovery period was rough.  I was in a fight to the death with Karen over whether I was going to let the incision on my neck heal!!  She wanted it healed and I wanted to scratch it raw!!  After three trips to see my doctors Tara & Dwayne for re-suturing; wearing a bandage around my neck for over 6 weeks; and having to wear socks on my feet every night - it finally healed and I am so thankful that Karen was such a stickler about it because now I am back to my normal self!!

          Enough about me, let's talk about winery stuff!!  We are well into the grape growing season and I have never seen the vines look so good.  My favorite human Mike and I have supervised Tyler and Zach as they have brought the vines along.  Mike is still in charge of spraying them for pests and fungus.  I stay in the production building during the spraying operation but otherwise I am paws on the ground when it comes to the vineyard.  We are looking forward to a wonderful harvest this fall.

           We have added some new wines and brought back a few others.  One of my favorites it our new dry red wine Dori Roe Red.  It is crafted from 100% Kentucky Chambourcin grapes and aged in oak barrels.  Pairs well with pasta and red meat dishes. We have also brought back Pinot Gris.  It is cold fermented to preserve its subtle aromas of lemon, crisp apple, and grapefruit.  You may enjoy its long finish with pairings of seafood, pork and poultry.  Timzell Haus  is a dry white wine crafted from the Riesling grape.  It is an aromatic wine with notes of apple and citrus.  Pairs well with cheeses and poultry dishes.  We can't forget Old Bullitt Red a wine named in honor of the ancestral home of the Hatzell Family and is our sweetest table wine.

         The BHW Free Concert Series continues on with each year bringing more and more wonderful people to our winery to enjoy wine, music and dancing!  We have increased the number of concerts each year and I still do my best to visit all the tables to see if anyone needs help finishing their delicious food!!  Although Mike, Jimmie and Karen do their best to stop me!!!!!

          I want to personally invite you to come out to Brooks Hill Winery…the little winery up the hill.  I will do everything I can to make sure your visit is enjoyable!