This  delicious sweet wine is made from 100% Marion blackberries and carries forward their unique, bold blackberry jam aroma and flavor.  Pairs well with cheesecake and fruity desserts or just try sipping it for a delightful experience.



Cabernet Sauvignon

          This Cabernet Sauvignon is a bold red wine aged in Kentucky White Oak barrels.  It is well rounded and complex with dark berry and fruit aromas coupled with flavors of black cherries, currants and spices.  Pairs well with red meat and marinara pasta dishes.


All of our wines are made onsite at ... the little winery up the hill.


        This wine is cold fermented to preserve its subtle aromas of lemon, crisp apple and grapefruit.  You may enjoy its long finish with pairings of seafood, pork and poultry.


Our Wines

Timzell Haus

       Timzell Haus is a dry white wine crafted from the Riesling grape.  It is an aromatic wine with notes of apple and citrus.  Pairs well with cheeses and poultry dishes.


Pinot Gris

       Brooks Hill Pinot Gris is cold fermented to preserve its subtle aromas of lemon, crisp apple, and grapefruit.  You may enjoy its long finish with pairings of seafood, pork and poultry.


Blackberry & Blueberry

       A unique blend of blackberry and blueberry wines.



Lili's White 

        This wine has intense floral aromas with sweet, rich tropical fruit flavors.  It is a blend of Catawba and Niagara grapes and has a lingering pleasant finish with a well balanced sweetness.



Lili's Summer Wine - Mango


        Lili's summer wine is a delightful blend of fruits made for your summertime pleasure, and it's "Nice over Ice".



La Belle Aurore

        La Belle Aurore is made in the tradition of a French "digestif" and reflects notes of cherry and currant.  Try it after dinner with coffee.  Serve at room temperature.  "Here's looking at you kid." 



Old Bullitt Red

     This wine is named in honor of the ancestral home of the Hatzell Family and is our sweetest table wine.


Sauvignon Blanc

      A dry, crisp, white wine made from 100% Kentucky grapes with notes of melon, apple, grapefruit and lime.  Pairs well with smoked cheeses, salads, pork, seafood and poultry dishes.


Ariel's Diamond

        Ariel's Diamond is very grapey in taste, with hints of apple.  Best served chilled.  Best served chilled.  Pairs nicely with salads and mild cheeses.


Lili's Red

Named for our winery dog, Lili, a sweet black labradoodle (lab/standard poodle mix), this well balanced wine is made from the highly aromatic Concord grape.  Truly, this wine is "as sweet as Lili herself".


Brooks Hill Winery

...the little winery up the hill

2746 Brooks Hill Road

Brooks, Kentucky 40109


Rose of Sharon

      A delightful, fruity, sweet rose' blended from our favorite Native American grapes -Niagara, Catawba and Concord. The fruitiness, sweetness, and crisp acidity of the wine makes it a perfect match for lighter dishes, such as fruit and vegetable salads, or enjoyed chilled on its own.


Chocolate Razz

        Port style dessert wine - A blend of raspberry wine and chocolate…a taste so delicious you’ll want to pour it over your pancakes, ice cream, cheesecake, etc…or just sip it!



      This Merlot is an oak barrel aged, full bodied red wine with velvety tannins and notes of plum and blackberry fruit.  Pairs well with pasta and red meat.





       This soft semi-sweet red is produced from the Chambourcin grape and bursts with loads of fruit flavors. Try it with your favorite pasta or seafood dish.


Dori Roe Red

       Dori Roe Red is crafted from 100% Kentucky Chambourcin grapes and aged in oak barrels.  Pairs well with pasta and red meat dishes.


Kentucky Tradition

       Enjoy wine crafted in the age old Kentucky tradition of fermenting Concord grapes in once used bourbon barrels.  For generations, Kentucky distilleries provided a bountiful source of these oak barrels. Local farmers took advantage of this and combined their ever present Concord grapes with these barrels to make a smooth, sweet, red wine.




      This refreshing blend of Cherry sweetness and Cranberry tartness was fermented under cold conditions to maximize the abundant fruit aromas and flavors.  The perfect balance of upfront sweetness and tart finish is the perfect match with turkey or a creamy cheesecake dessert.


Old Vine Zinfandel

      A bold Old Vine Zinfandel with rich black cherry and raspberry aromas and flavors, coupled with earthy and spicy overtones that add to its complexity.  The lingering finish is smooth with a touch of pepper.  Pairs great with hardy meat dishes, stews and even chocolates.


Estate Reserve


         This medium bodied wine was made from a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Lemberger grapes grown in Brooks Hill vineyard and barrel aged 14 months in Kentucky White Oak.  It has notes of spice, dark plum, black currant and blackberries that carry through on the palate and finishes with firm tannins and a long aftertaste.  Pair this special wine with your favorite steak, wild game, pasta dishes, cheese plate, or simply enjoy it by itself.


Sweet Martyne


This lush, big, sweet red wine is aplty named in honor of Karen's sweet Mother.  Made from the Chambourcin grape, it has a rick dark ruby color.  Its nose is soft and fragrant with hints of exotic fruits.  The taste is loaded with plu, blackberry and black currant.  Pair this wine with rich tomato based pasta dishes.