Brooks Hill Winery

...the little winery up the hill

2746 Brooks Hill Road

Brooks, Kentucky 40109





Mike Miller became the winemaker for Brooks Hill Winery in September 2014.  Mike took over the reins as winemaker from Kentucky’s premier winemaker when Butch Meyer stepped down as BHW’s winemaker. 

When Mike walked through the doors of Brooks Hill Winery in March 2011 no one knew that he would one day be our winemaker.  Mike was immediately fascinated by the production of wine and the winemaking process.  He has worked in all areas of the winery; vineyard, tasting room and production. 

Mike began helping, then winemaker, Butch Meyer, with some of the steps in the winemaking process in June 2011.  In August/September 2011 he participated in BHW’s winemaking class.  We instantly saw his potential and shortly after taking the class Mike became the Assistant Winemaker at Brooks Hill Winery.

Over the next three years Mike worked closely with Butch learning every phase and requirement for making wine on the commercial level.  His quest for knowledge about wines, grapes and the nuances of winemaking has been passionate.  Each time he arrives at “…the little winery up the hill” that passion is obvious to all.  It is because of the passion and drive that Mike has that Brooks Hill Winery continues to produce high quality and flavorful wines.

Mike lives in Shepherdsville, Kentucky with his wife Shannah and his two children, Weylin and Sylvia.